Agility Products

We used to be big “CLIX Agility” fans, but now this kit has come out that offers everything at one low price.  It’s a good deal, so it’s now what we’re recommending.

Kyjen Dog Agility Obstacle Course Starter Kit  An agility course is like an amusement park for your dog. The dog takes cues for a handler to make his way through an obstacle course while racing against the clock or other dogs. The portable obstacle course is quick and easy to set up. Agility set helps enhance your dog’s natural abilities as they maneuver their way through an obstacle course guided by a handler. It provides quality exercise for both dog and human.

Unlike many other dog sports and competitive activities, dog agility is relatively easy to learn and most dogs can do well and have fun with minimum training. A great way to enhance the bond between you and your dog. The agility obstacle course keeps your dog’s senses sharpened, body properly exercised and brain occupied. The dog agility course comes with everything you need to get started. All you need is an enclosed grass area for set up and play.

Kyjen Dog Agility Obstacle Course Starter Kit Includes:6 weave polesHigh jumpOpen round tunnel 24″Pause boxStart/finish lineStop watch 3 award ribbons – 1st, 2nd & 3rd placeSet up & usage instructionsGame rulesMetal stakes & pole stakes for securing into ground
Kyjen Dog Agility Obstacle Course Starter Kit (For Medium & Large Dogs)