How to Potty Train a Dog

Hello again!

2013-04-29 17.50.34This is my brand-new puppy, Lula.   She is a Bernese Mountain Dog/ Border Collie mix, and we got her when she was six weeks old (she was a rescue).    We are now in the chaotic process of house training and regular training– it’s not easy!  We haven’t had a puppy in a long time (12 years, to be exact).

Lula is a great dog– very smart, and she’s responding very well to the training.  We were really lucky to find Chet Womach’s system early on, and we’ve been training her using that from day one.

Progress thus far:  Lula is 11 weeks old.  She went to her first official “puppy class” yesterday, and she was the smartest and best-trained dog in the class!   She is already mostly housebroken (again, thank you Chet!), she knows how to sit and lie down, and she’s even making progress on nipping and being mouthy.


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